Seven Days

Seven Days by Eve Ainsworth

Where did I get it? The school library

18679049Synopsis: School should be a safe place for Jess, but at the moment it’s everything she dreads. Jess’s life is difficult enough without Kez picking on her. Kez’s life isn’t any sweeter. She has plenty of problems too but she finds comfort in knowing she is better off than Jess – or so she thinks… Told from the point of view of the bullied and the bully, this is a taut, powerful story of two girls locked in battle with each other and themselves, spiralling towards a shocking conclusion.

My Thoughts:

This is a story about a bully and a victim. Told from both their perspectives, we are shown that it is possible for the bully to be bullied and for the victim to stand up for herself.

Jess, is a social outcast, teased for being fat and awkward. Although she starts of the book, cowering from Kez, the bully, by the end she has managed to come to terms with her weight and consequently stand up for herself.

This book was heartfelt and sincere, guiding us through a time space of one week that changes everything. I liked being able to see both Jess and Kez’s side if the story, as it helped me come to terms with the decisions they made.

The fact that Kez’s, life was not easy either helped me feel a little sorry for her. Kez takes her anger out at Jess, in order to fell superior and in control. Even though this is completely unacceptable we can see that her influences may not have been the best, resulting in poor choices on her behalf.

This was a thought provoking book that demands to be read.

My Rating: 4/5



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