What Lies Within

What Lies Within by James Morris

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

25813179Summary: Shelley Marano is an ordinary, unexceptional high school senior…until the day she receives a cryptic text message, and her world tilts sideways. Now she’s in real danger, although she doesn’t know who would want her dead, or why. As she starts to unravel the mystery, the truth about who she really is proves to be more frightening than she ever imagined. With the lives of her and her friends hanging in the balance, one thing is certain:

Nothing will ever be the same.



My Thoughts:

Right from the beginning, when I first set eyes on this book I was intrigued. The cover is truly a work of art and I wanted to know more after reading the blurb.

Nothing could have prepared me for what followed. There was pot twist after plot twist just thrown at you an I could not stop myself turning the pages to find out what happened next.

Shelley was a very determined lead and an excellent narrator; I really felt her angst and confusion about her true identity. Had I been in her position I would not have been half as brave, that much I can certainly attest to. Winston, too was a great character and I couldn’t have wished for a more faithful or loyal best friend. Their relationship, especially the platonic parts consisted of some of my favourite scenes in this book an Shelley would not have got as far as she did without Winston’s help.

As I read further and further in, I was shocked by all the revelations that came to light and I was constantly at the edge of my seat. By the time I had reached the end of ‘What Lies Within’ I was emotionally exhausted but still wanting more.

I really hope that a sequel is published as I would love to see what happen to Shelley next.

Rating: 4/5


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