The Last Kiss Goodbye Blog Tour: Tasmina Perry on Living the French Life

last-kiss-goodbyeI really delighted to be hosting a spot on The Last Kiss Goodbye Spring Blog Tour.

Here’s guest post from the author on Living the French Life


I love France, particularly Paris and the gorgeous Cote D’Azur and many of my books are partly set there, including Perfect Strangers, Original Sin and The Last Kiss Goodbye.  I try and visit as often as I can but there are ways to add a little Frenchness to our lives without getting on a  plane…..

Wear a White Shirt

I worked for a fashion magazine for a long time and some of the most stylish people I knew in the industry channelled the Parisian look to great effect. The best way to nail it is with a crisp white shirt. Slip one on and you can’t help but feel like Jean Seburg in A Bout De Souffle.


Have a French Café soundtrack

One of my favourite cafes in London plays French café accordion music all day long and it makes me feel as if I am in Montmartre rather than London every time. So I have some French café CD’s at home, which I enjoy listening to with a baguette and strong coffee!


Sit and enjoy a coffee

Speaking of coffee, one thing I have always noticed about the French is how they sit and enjoy le café rather than drinking it on the hop. Coffee is not an on-the go drink. It’s something to savour and enjoy. So next time you are at Starbucks (or preferably your little independent,)  don’t go for the take-away option. Grab a book or a broadsheet,  drink and savour the moment.


Make time for the odd indulgence.

Signature Gallic style is elegant yet simple, but the French also loves their indulgences. My French friends often buy the best they can afford, whether it is a beautiful cashmere coat that will last a decade or a delicious Laduree macaroon that will be enjoyed over a few minutes.


Drink hot chocolate in a bowl

My sister used to live in Paris and when she returned to the UK and came to live with me for a little while, I found it strange that she used to drink her hot chocolate from bowls rather than mugs. It is of course, the French way of doing it, and very soon I was joining in with her bowls of chocolate chaud which always made us feel very chic!


Carry a straw basket.

A straw basket is so French. So Bridget Bardot. So chic! I bought one from a Farmers market for under £20 and if I close my eyes on a warm summer’s day I can pretend I am walking to the market in Nice.


Save up for a pair of K Jacques sandals.

The most stylish summer French can often be found wearing K Jacques sandals. They are not cheap but they will last many years.


Scent your life with Lavender

Lavender is so quintessentially French and the fields in Provence in summer are just gorgeous. I have a Lavender patch outside my house and squirt my pillow with some lavender whenever I remember!


Paint your nails nude or dark red.

It’s indisputable that many French women have great style. What’s interesting about those I have met, is that they don’t necessarily spent a great deal on clothes. They have their own style and are impeccably groomed. Think signature haircut and manicured nails in either nude (try Chanel’s Ballerina) or deep Red.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you all have some ideas on how to Live the French Life.

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The Last Kiss Goodbye by Tasmina Perry is out now in paperback (£7.99, Headline Publishing) and you can find out more about the author at


  1. Hello there, I am a newly found blogger and was actually inspired by you to create a blog. Your thoughts on books are very insightful and perceptive; it would be truly amazing if at some point you could maybe look at my blog (when I actually post something xD). I am aiming to create a blog that talks about general teenage passions ~ music, food, YouTube and BOOKS! Anyway sorry for my ranting on,
    India (yes, like the country xD)

    P.S if you have any good book suggestions that you could maybe tell me, I would happily love to hear them e.g what is your favourite book because I have been reading your blog and we literally have really similar taste! xxx


    1. Thank you very much. This is really high praise! I would love to see what you post on your blog. I would recommend Vendetta/Inferno as well as Six of Crows.
      Kaavya xxx (I come form India)


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