Dear Dad…


Recently, I gave a talk on motherhood for an English presentation. In this I highlighted various reasons why a mother was the most important figure in your life, but what I failed to mention was that fathers too, are equally important.

This father’s day, I would like to just say thank youIn previous years I must admit that my gifts have been far from satisfactory (often they were vouchers for free labour), but I hope to do better this year.

My father is the one who runs out at short notice to get fast food when we want it, he’s the one who each and every holiday makes sure we have access to unlimited movies, he’s the one who fixes all electric devices when they break down and my father is the one who ensures I have music to listen to on the way to school.

If I haven’t said thank you for all of the above before this, I’ll say it now, and thank you  for everything else you’ve done for me over the years.

Love you,




  1. What an affectionate and meaningful message for your Dad who must have felt so proud of his daughter. Good for you Kaavya. As in 1 Corinthians13 “Love is patient and kind.” Do read this chapter, I like the Good News Translation best.
    It was so good to talk to you both yesterday. Glad you had a bright day for the BBQ. Give Mum and Dad a big hug on their anniversary today.
    Love you. Dada


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