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UKYA Book Blogger Winners

The Winners have been crowned!

First of all, a big thank you to all the helpers:

Aditi @ A Thousand Words A Million Books
Amy McCaw @ YA Under My Skin
Andrew @ The Pewter Wolf
Annalise @ AnnaliseBooks
Aurelija @ myblinddatewithbooks
Chelley Toy @ Tales Of Yesterday
Chloe @ Writer-On-Wheels
Cintia @ Reflection of the Books
Emma @ Howling Reviews
Georgia Stencel @ The Books Bandit
Jesse @ thatjessebloke
Kaisha @ thewritinggarnet
Rachel Kennedy @ Ya-bberingBooklover
Rebecca @ Rebecca McCormick’s Authorial Blog
Virginie @ Chouett


Now finally, what we’ve all been waiting for… drum roll, please….


Runners Up!



Best Adult

2nd Place – Jim – YAYeahYeah

3rd Place – Sally – The Dark Dictator

Best Teen

2nd Place – Lucy – Queen of Contemporary

3rd Place – Georgia Dalton – TeenBookHoots

Blogger Spirit

2nd Place – Viv – Serendipity Reviews

3rd Place – Lucy – Queen of Contemporary

Best Male

2nd Place – George Lester

3rd Place – Andrew – The Pewter Wolf

Best Female

2nd Place – Michelle – Tales Of Yesterday

3rd Place – Miriam – Hello I Am Miriam

Best Team/Co-op

2nd Place – Bookish Brits

3rd Place – The Big Book Project

Marvellous Blogger

2nd Place – Michelle – Tales Of Yesterday

3rd Place – Luna – Luna’s Little Library

Best Overseas 

2nd Place – Jamie – The Perpetual Page-Turner

3rd Place – Lili – Lili’s Reflections

Best Booktuber

2nd Place – George Lester

3rd Place – Stevie – SableCaught

Best on Social Media

2nd Place – Mariam – Hello I Am Mariam

3rd Place – Jim – YAYeahYeah

Best Oldtimer

2nd Place – Viv – Serendipity Reviews

3rd Place – Lucy – Queen of Contemporary

Best Growing Blogger

2nd Place – Virginie – Chouett Blog

3rd Place – Chloe – Writer-On-Wheels

Best Newcomer

2nd Place – Hannah Ha – Ninjas Reads Too

3rd Place – Cintia – Reflectionofthebooks

Best Blogger Feature

2nd Place – Secret Serendipity Seven & Blogger Island Books – Serendipity Reviews

3rd Place – Looks on Books – Casey Ann / Dark Readers




The 2016 UKYA Book Blogger Awards in numbers:

Something like 30hrs+ were spent backstage putting the awards together.
More than 100 nominations were put forward…
28 UKYA Bloggers made the longlist
33 UKYA Bloggers were on the shortlist
Over 2600 votes were cast in 14 categories
There were 16 lovely helpers and 1 host
On the 30th May at 6pm (that’s tonight) there is 1 epic Book Lover / Awards Twitter Party and you are all invited!

See you at the Twitter celebrations tonight!awardukyabbloggersPARTY

I hope everyone enjoyed the UKYA Awards this year and congratulations to all the winners!


UKYA Book Blogger Awards Longlist

ukyabookbloggerawardsThe UKYA Book Blogger Awards are OPEN!

Give a big shout out to the wonderful helpers this year:

Aditi @ A Thousand Words A Million Books
Amy McCaw @ YA Under My Skin
Andrew @ The Pewter Wolf
Annalise @ AnnaliseBooks
Aurelija @ myblinddatewithbooks
Chelley Toy @ Tales Of Yesterday
Chloe @ Writer-On-Wheels
Cintia @ Reflection of the Books
Emma @ Howling Reviews
Georgia Stencel @ The Books Bandit
Jesse @ thatjessebloke
Kaisha @ thewritinggarnet
Rachel Kennedy @ Ya-bberingBooklover
Rebecca @ Rebecca McCormick’s Authorial Blog
Virginie @ Chouett

Voting for the SHORTLIST is via Luna’s Little Library who is hosting the UKYA Book Blogger Awards this year. Just follow this link here

The voting closes on Friday 27th May 2016.

Don’t forget to share the love! #awardukyabbloggers


28 UKYA bloggers made the UKYA Book Blogger Awards LONGLIST this year:

Annalise – Annalisebooks

Ben – Benjaminoftomes

Beth – Bibliobeth

Charli – To Another World

Dani Reviews Things

Denise – The Bibliolater

Emma – Howling Reviews

Hollie –  Hollieblog

Holly – Lost in a Library

Huriyah & Nalisha – SugarQuills

Jenny –  Wondrous Reads

Jessica – Paper Utopia

Kaisha – The Writing Garnet

Katie – queenofteenfiction

Maia – maiaandlittlemoore

Miss Meira Dee

Nicola – Nicola Reads YA

Olivia Mitchell – Rewrite This Story

Rachel Kennedy – Ya-bberingBooklover

Rebecca – Rebecca McCormick’s Authorial Blog

Rita – Weaving Pages

Sanne – booksandquills

Sarah – Feeling Fictional

Sophie – So Many Books, So Little Time

Stacey – The Pretty Books

YA Fictionados

Debbie – Snuggling on the Sofa

Julianne – This Fleeting Dream

Congratulations to everyone! Remember to head over to Luna’s Little Library to vote for the shortlist!

The Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Giovanna @ Book Coma Blog for the nomination. I’ve never taken part in anything like this, so bear with me please!


  • Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you.
  • List seven random things about yourself.
  • Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.
  • Notify the amazing people who you nominated for the award.


7 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I am in love with all movies with lions in them. I don’t know why… its just… lions are cool, okay!lionkingcharacters
  2. My least favourite food is Spinach. I will never understand how Popeye was able to eat cans of that stuff and not want to spit it out. popeye-the-sailor-cartoons-spinach
  3. I think ‘Obelix’ is one of my favourite cartoon characters.obelix1
  4. I love it when its raining. Good thing I live in England, right?gobr5
  5. Purple Skittles are my favourite!il_570xn-421437154_bdl8
  6. I aspire to hang stars on my walls one daya0d1f860aaf454a759abf4f7d4e67187
  7. My dog Milo, was originally going to be named “Nigel”!IMG_20151124_161214863


My Nominees: 

  1. Chrissi @ Chrissi Reads
  2. Charleigh @ Charleighsbooknook
  3. Chouett
  4. Rachel @ Rambling Reads
  5. Amy @All Things Amy
  6. Beth @ Bibliobeth
  7. Ally @ Allydewing

Check out all these beautiful blogs and tell me what you think.