Exams, blogging and books.


Since the school term started up again, I have completely abandoned my blog. Any free time I had in between settling back into school and doing homework, I spent reading or relaxing in other ways. This year and the next is really important in terms of exams and I need to focus on revision and staying on top of my studies.

I will try to regularly post reviews on the books I’ve read- I’m just starting Kids of Appetite by David Arnold- but it may not be as frequently as in the past (which looking at other people’s blogs it may not have been that frequently to begin with!)

I also need to come to terms with the fact that I will not be able to dedicate so much time to reading (my heart weeps), so that I may do well academically. I do, thankfully, have a while to go before any major exams and sad stuff aside, I’m actually quite excited to be back at school.