Review Policy



I rate books that I read out of five.

I usually read Young Adult but will review others genres apart from non-fiction and erotica of any form. All of reviews are my own. I write honest reviews but they are respectful to the author and their work(s).

I don’t currently review e-books, only physical copies . I aim to have reviews posted within three weeks of having received the book, however if you need it reviewed by a certain date, please tell me.  You can contact me by email and I will reply as soon as possible. Please include the book title and a summary. I accept published books and ARC’s. I also accept self-published authors.

Any book I receive will stay in my possession and will not be re-distributed.

Reviews will be published on my blog and sometimes Goodreads. If I publish reviews on bookselling websites, such as Amazon or Wordery etc, I will send you a link if requested. I include a summary with each of my reviews that are taken off either Goodreads or Amazon.

You can email me at: or message me via twitter: @outlookonabook

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog.